How Well Do You Listen?

Our brains are so busy! Work, cell phones, computers, and TV keep them humming all day long. When you are conversing with someone, are you really listening or is your mind wandering off?  Maybe you’re already thinking of a response before someone finishes talking. How about listening to yourself? Can you hear your inner voice or are your thoughts and emotions dominating your every moment? In this workshop we will bring awareness to this issue and practice some ways to better listen to others by connecting to ourselves.



Music Meditation for Health & Healing

Music is sound, and sound can be used to create silence.”  ~Osho

This workshop will explore different ways of meditating, using music and sound to help bring you into a more peaceful place, while balancing your body's energy.   We will practice standing and seated meditation, moving and still meditation. You will discover which music or sound works best as a meditation tool for YOU.  For current meditators,  explore new ways to enhance your practice.  If you haven’t meditated before, this is a great way to begin.  For everyone of all ages.   It will be fun and informative!  SAVE THE DATE.  Registration information to follow shortly.

What Participants have said about this workshop...
"I found this to be a great introduction to meditation.  David does a great job of helping you understand the process as well as the benefits to to these practices."   
"David brings a genuine love and knowledge to the meditation practice.  Focusing on the energy body and vibration was especially enjoyable."
"Take the course.  David is an enthusiastic, genuine and insightful instructor. You may gain a better understanding in ways you may not immediately realize."

Re-Discovering Your True Self

Who Am I?  What do I really want for this life? Are these questions you have asked yourself from time to time? Have you found the answer?   Re-Discovering Your True Self  is the first step in experiencing the real you, underneath the layers of emotions and preconceptions, thoughts and memories that we have mistaken for who we really are. Through lecture, exercise and meditation, we will begin our journey inside, to rediscover our true nature.



Managing Stress in the modern world

Stress has become an epidemic in our culture. Experiencing constant stress has been proven to cause physical and emotional illness as well as a more negative worldview. In this workshop, we will explore where your stress is coming from, how it is affecting you as well as others, how to become aware of the stress you hold, and how to release it. Through lecture and relaxation techniques centered on meditation and movement, you can begin to release your stress and shift your focus inward to a more peaceful and joyous place. Leave with tools to continue your practice at home.  This course is for everyone.  

What Participants have said about this workshop...

"This workshop was very freeing.  It gave me more tools to be less anxious and distracted or worried."
"The pace was just right and the pictures on the board and handouts helped the concept sink in further."
"I learned how to process emotions and how to deal with them more productively."

The Path To Peace & Happiness

Many of us live one dimensionally, thinking that the outside world is the only road in this life.. This workshop will investigate three worlds.  The outside world, the inside world and the spiritual world.  Through light exercises, we will begin to become more aware of our physical bodies. We will then explore the inner world, our energy body, how it works and how it can connect us to a deeper place. In our last class we will see what blocks us from feeling truly happy and peaceful by combining these physical and energy practices to cultivate a spiritual awareness, a path to see the same world with a different view.

Power-of-Words Updated.gif

The Power of Words

Do you remember the last time that you used the words, I hate this, you can’t do it, you’re stupid,  that person is ugly?  Or,  I love you, you’re wonderful, you can do it. I’m sorry… How did you feel when you said those words to others, or even to yourself? We use words so loosely that sometimes we are not aware of the impact they have on others, as well as ourselves.   Not only do they affect our heart, but they affect every cell in your body.  Words affect energy and energy affects everyone and every living thing around you. In this class we will explore the thoughts and feelings behind the words we choose.  We'll use light exercise, meditation, and games to explore where these words are coming from and how to communicate with ourselves and others in a more peaceful, heartfelt way.