Mindful Meditation Classes

The pressures of work,  home and and the world we live in these days can become overwhelming.  Taking time for yourself to renew your body, mind and spirit is essential for a more peaceful, loving and healthier life.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced meditator, these classes will offer you time to unwind and give your thinking mind a rest, while you get back to your inner self for some peace and relaxation.   The class consists of some warm up exercises for your body , meditating on a zen story,  learning to feel energy in your body and one of a variety of meditations.  This class is for everyone, from beginners to advanced,  teens, adults and seniors.  Classes are available for business groups as well.


3 Body Qigong

3 Body Qigong is a great form of  preventive maintenance for your 3 bodies; physical body, energy body and spiritual body.  It includes body tapping and vibration (to move blood and energy in your body), meridian stretching (to help open any blockages in your energy channels) and exercises to build power in your lower dantien (core/lower abdomen).  This class will also include learning how to feel energy, as well as guided, still, moving or music meditation to help reconnect you with your inner world of peace and happiness.  Available for all ages. Check the front page for classes


3 Body qigong for Seniors

These classes are similar to the 3 Body Qigong and meditation and mindfulness classes  with the exception being everyone is seated (with the option to stand of course!).  I will adapt the program for the group, based on capabilities.   This class will include some body tapping, meridian stretching and exercises to build power in your lower dantien (core/lower abdomen).  All classes will include guided, moving or music meditation and some self healing.  I have been teaching at 2 senior communities for a few years now with the same group showing up each week!