The Path To 3 Body Healing


3 Body Healing Arts was created to help guide all who are ready to learn a way to find a happier, healthier and more peaceful way of life.  


Learning how to really feel your body, open blockages in your energy pathways and awakening your heart can result in a more peaceful, loving and happier state of being.  I am offering 3 Body Holistic Fitness classes, Reiki sessions (energy healing), meditation/mindfulness classes and life exploring workshops as a means of achieving these goals.   

If you are feeling stressed out, anxious, having issues with sleep or anger, feeling a bit lost or empty, and you don't know why....these practices can help.  The question now is, are you ready to make a commitment to yourself to learn how to be more loving, joyful and peaceful in this life?  Are you ready to see the same world from a different view? If so, let's get to work!  

I am offering private, group and corporate training by way of 3 Body Holistic Fitness classes (a mix of QiGong, yoga and meditation), Meditation & Mindfulness Classes, Reiki and Life Exploring Workshops.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.  I would be honored to be your guide on the path.     ~ David Sholemson 


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