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  • Yoga Depot 17 Depot Square Lexington, MA (map)

Registration Is Now Open 
for the Fall 2019 Session 

Why Should You Join?

  • Increases flexibility and strength

  • Improves circulation

  • Teaches you to relax and shift focus to the present

  • Rebalances your energy

  • Helps you learn to be peaceful and confident even when stressed

  • Learn to create your own practice

  •  Learn how to  integrate into other practices if you are already a teacher of yoga or other form.

About the Training

Energy is the basis of everything in the universe. QiGong is about working with that life force energy for inner peace and health. This course will teach you tools for self practice, and then how to teach this practice through a wide-range of training.

The core study in Qigong for Inner Peace Teacher Training will include QiGong theory in which breath, movement and stillness are combined to cultivate and bring energy flow into right relationship. We offer an environment where you will be empowered to learn and practice in an Intimate setting, which will allow valuable time for feedback and sharing. Once the curriculum is learned, you will have comprehensive knowledge of class structure (including flow, breathwork, meditation, meridians and movements to integrate for health issues). Then you will begin practicing how to teach QiGong For Inner Peace from a heart-centered place.

What some of the graduates had to say about the training:

"I highly recommend Qigong for Inner Peace Teacher Training. Together the teachers provided a training which will give you a strong foundation in basic qigong. - you will come away feeling confident + excited to go out and teach right away."  RS

"This was a life-changing event for me.  I experienced a deeper peace than I have ever felt, even though I have a powerful yoga practice that is also an anchor in my life."  JH

"This class was transformational. Having never done qigong before,    I wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Maryellen, David and Steve created an informative, expansive and welcoming program that is accessible to all.  They ensured we were lovingly guided and supported as we began this journey. I would highly recommend to all ."    MO


DATES: September 27+28; October 18+19; November 1+2; November 15+16

TIMES: Fridays 6-9pm + Saturdays 9-5pm

LOCATION: Yoga Depot, Lexington, MA


QUESTIONS? Call or text me at 617-721-7215 or email me at


TO REGISTER: Call Yoga Depot 781.372.1000 or email 

Earlier Event: July 25
3 Body Qigong Workshop