David Sholemson

Born and raised in West Hempstead, NY. I come from a musical family where at age 14, I picked up the guitar and began writing songs. I continued writing as well as playing music in bands throughout high school.  At age 17, I moved to Boston to attend Northeastern University, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Psychology. I performed in New England and kept writing and performing my music, hoping to make a living from my lifelong passion. At age 27,  my attempt at a musical career was coming to an end.  A friend told me about a jazz booking agency that was looking for a new agent. I jumped at the chance and for 2 years, worked as a booking agent for jazz artists.  In 1979, the owner of the agency and I created a management division to manage, one of those artists, a young guitarist/composer by the name of Pat Metheny.  As of today, I am honored to still be managing Pat.

In December,  2005, after my second knee surgery, traditional physical therapy was not helping my recovery. One day, looking to heal the stiffness and pain in my knee, I wandered into an energy yoga center to see if they could help me. I was given a free class and a 30 minute healing and without thinking much, I joined for 3 months as a practitioner.  After practicing for 2 weeks and receiving energy healing,  I knew this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. After 3 months, my knee was pain free and range of motion went from 50%-100%.  My love of energy yoga and healing led me through many trainings and workshops before becoming a teacher and workshop trainer, under the tutelage of my teacher, Master healer and teacher, Chun Shim. After 9 years of practice, I moved on to learn other forms of energy healing. I became a Reiki master teacher, Tong Ren practitioner, studied with QiGong master Robert Peng and shaman, Sandra Ingerman.  I have spent years studying the teachings of Ram Dass and have integrated what I have learned into my own life and teachings, with the intention to help guide others toward a healthier and happier life.


  • Initial Awakening Workshop 2006

  • Shim Sung (Finding Your True Self) Workshop 2006 with Master Chun Shim

  • Graduate of Energy Healer School 2006

  • Healing Chakra Workshop with Master Byuk Woon Sunsa Nim 2007

  • 100 Day Essence Training with Master Chun Shim Nim 2007

  • Chun Myung Spiritual Training with Master Byuk Woon Sunsa Nim 2008

  • Chun Hwa Meditation Training with Master Byuk Woon Sunsa Nim 2009

  • Brain Management Certification Training Master Syong Kim 2010

  • Chi Nei Tsang Training with Grand Master Mantak Chia 2011

  • Tong Ren Certification training with Grand Master Tom Tan 2011

  • Do Tong Training with Master Jung Shim 2012

  • Reiki Master certification Training with Libby Barnett 2013

  • Qigong Master Key training with Robert Peng 2015

  • Shamanic Training (Medicine for the Earth) with Sandra Ingerman 2015

  • Reiki Master Teacher certification with Libby Barnett 2017

  • Yi Jin Jing Training with Robert Peng 2019






  • Qigong Master Key


  • Yoga Practitioner & Instructor Energy Yoga Center (Do-In and Ki Gong practices originating from the ancient Sun Do Korean tradition). : 2005-November 2013

  • Music Manager for Finding Your True Self Workshop: Roots To Wings Yoga & Healing Center, Byfield, MA  (2008-13) CGI Fitness & Spa (2009) The American School, Lysin, Switzerland   (2009) Honors Haven Resort & Wellness Center (2009-present). Master Chun Shim Nim: Trainer

  • Music Manager for Living Healthy Workshop: Roots To Wings Yoga & Healing Center, Byfield, MA (2011)  Master Chun Shim: Trainer

  • Workshop: Opening Your Heart Chakra:  Roots To Wings Yoga & Healing Center, Byfield, MA   (2011)

  • Workshop: Energy Body Workshop & Opening Your Heart Chakra:  For The Red Cross of New England (2011)

  • Workshop: The Path To Peace & Happiness:  Brookline Adult & Community Education (3 part series January, 2012)

  • Workshop: Releasing Your Stress & Finding Your Inner Peace:  Brookline Adult & Community Education (September, 2012)

  • Workshop: The Power of Music Meditation: Brookline Adult & Community Education (January, 2013)

  • Workshop: The Power of Music Meditation: Newton Community Education (March, 2013)

  • Workshop: Music Meditation for Health & Healing: Brookline Adult & Community Education (February, 2014)

  • Reiki Healer Clinic:  Volunteer offering Reiki to clients at a once a month clinic for Brenner Reiki Healing (April, 2014-present)

  • Workshop: How Well Do You Listen?: Brookline Adult & Community Education (January, 2015)

  • Private Training, Weekly Class:  Meditation & Mindfulness Weeks House Independent/ Assisted Living Community  (April, 2015 -present)

  • Private Training, Weekly Class:  Meditation & Mindfulness Casselman House Independent/ Assisted Living Community  (September, 2016 -present)

  • Workshop: Handling Stress In The Modern World : Brookline Adult & Community Education (February, 2016)

  • Workshop:  Cultivating Your Ki for Reiki Practitioners, Celebration of Reiki Conference, Brookline, MA (April 2016)